Beach-Inspired Costumes for a Myrtle Beach Halloween

The answer is YES if there’s any debate over whether grown-ups should dress up for Halloween.


Especially if you’re headed to Myrtle Beach. Who could resist a beach-inspired costume for a fall trip to the coast?

Why Do We Dress Up for Halloween?

How come Oct. 31 is cool to dress like a dog or a pirate? Ancient Celtics got into costume for the festival of Samhain. Partiers wore scary outfits to scare off spirits as they reveled around bonfires. Oct. 31 is the one day the protection between the spirit world and our world came down.

Top Trends for Beachy Ocean-Y Costumes in 2022

Raise the roof and have some fun with these.

1. Pufferfish

This blowfish is the remedy for the hum-drum costume. But you’ll have to blow it up before you head out! [BUY IT]


Why a pufferfish?

These sea creatures billow themselves to avoid predators. They’re awkward swimmers, so be careful out there.


What should you wear? 

You’ll need gumption, an exercise ball, and plenty of paper mache. But it’ll be the coolest costume out there!  [MAKE IT] 


There’s this cool last-minute fish costume. You need a template, cardboard, spray paint, and a few other things. [TRY THIS]

2. Lifeguard

Thanks to that one show, it might be the coolest job on the planet. A lifeguard fits in for your Grand Strand Halloween. [BUY IT]


Why a lifeguard?

Everyone loves a lifeguard — unless they’re telling you not to run at the pool. You should definitely listen. To real lifeguards. Not to people dressed as them.


What should you wear?

A red swimsuit (not a bikini, unless it’s that kind of party), tape, and white paint will work. Don’t forget the sunscreen. [MAKE IT] 


This is an easy costume to fake. Hit a beach store on the Grand Strand for a lifeguard hoodie. Grab a bucket hat too. [TRY THIS]


3. Old-Time Beachwear

Charge back to the roaring 20s to a day when swimwear was a bit more modest. It can still be a cool and fun look. [BUY IT]


Why did they dress like that?

This was a turning point in fashion and acceptability. Many women wore a swim dress over longer shorts attached underneath. But these suits gave way to slim-fitting two-piece suits, and to bikinis.


What should you wear?

A hat, and carry a parasol. A cute dress with shorts underneath to match. It’ll also give you some warmth if Halloween is cool this year. [MAKE IT]


A no-waist sheath dress, solid color or summer print, is a great start. Add a cute hat and a brooch, and you’re in business. [TRY THIS]

4. Flip-Flops

Talk about relevance to Myrtle Beach. It’s always flip-flop weather. Come as one flop (looking for a flip) or make it a couples’ costume.  [BUY IT]


Why flip-flops?

They’re the symbol of boundless beach fun. Rather than wear them for the feeling, BE them for the sentiment. Spread your toes and ease down the road.


What should you wear?

There are so many fun ways to make this costume. Use your imagination, or follow instructions from a crafter, like on this post. [MAKE IT]


Who says you have to be a matching pair? You’ll have a colorful getup to pair with a friend if you use different patterns. [TRY THIS]

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