Watch a Sunrise at These Grand Strand Locations

The biggest difficulty in watching a sunrise: Getting up early!


Otherwise, it’s a snap. The Grand Strand is rife with gorgeous scenery. Add the specter of a sunrise, and it’s a golden moment.


Here are the top places to see one while you’re on vacation.

THE Spots On The Grand Strand For The Sunrise

There are at least five awesome locations for sunrise in Myrtle Beach. And there’s no reason not to go back to your resort for a morning nap afterward!

1. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Daybreak here will bring all else to an awe-inspired halt. The Boardwalk is an iconic place in Myrtle Beach, and you’ll have lots of vantage points.


BRING THIS: Coffee. What better way to start the day than with java and the rising sun? Bonus points for Instagram posts with the cup and sunrise in it.

TRY THIS: Plan on being at the boardwalk 20 minutes early to see the colors.


AFTERWARD: Continue sightseeing by getting in early at Ripley’s Aquarium. Don’t miss the underwater tunnel with sharks!

2. Your Balcony

Combine the vantage point from your suite with the convenience of being in your room. You have all you need for sunrise.


BRING THIS: A light breakfast. Oatmeal, coffee, cereal. Something that doesn’t need a lot of attention, so you don’t miss the view.


TRY THIS: Let go of worry over work when you get home or even on your vacation. Watching the sunrise reminds us that anything is possible today.

AFTERWARD: Get swimsuits on and head downstairs to the Grande Cayman’s water features. The cool morning is the best time to go.

Grande Cayman Oceanfront 3 Bedroom View

3. 2nd Avenue Pier

Take in a sunrise out on the water. You’ll be able to see the morning sunbeams play back onto the skyline behind you in a beautiful way.


BRING THIS: Your significant other! Sunsets get all the credit for being romantic, but the sunrise causes all kinds of feelings, too.


TRY THIS: Fix your sights on the sun as it edges over the horizon. The sky will change from blood red to orange to pink and purple. 

AFTERWARD: Stop in for breakfast at the National House of Pancakes. Crab Cake Benedict is THE way to go. Great service, too.

4. On the Beach

Claim a great piece of the beach for your own, toss down a beach blanket, sink your toes in the sand, and take in the show.


BRING THIS: A thermos of coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Fresh fruit and yogurt. Having breakfast right at sunrise is tough to beat!


TRY THIS: Keep your ears sharp, too. You’ll hear the day unfold, with birdsong and gulls. All with the sounds of the ocean waves crashing in.

AFTERWARD: Have a shuffleboard game or take each other on in giant checkers. They’re all onsite at Grande Cayman Resort.

myrtle beach

5. Rise & Fly on SkyWheel

SkyWheel made an announcement: They’re giving sunrise rides! Greet the morning from a perspective you’ve never seen before.


BRING THIS: A camera! Your phone will do, too. You’ll want to capture images of sunrise 200 feet above the shore below. (Coffee and pastries included!)


TRY THIS: Use your sense of feeling, too. When you get off the ride, you’ll notice the air is warmer, and the world will come alive around you.

DO THIS AFTERWARD: Solve an escape room! Escapology Escape Rooms Myrtle Beach is down the road and is open mornings. Up for the challenge?

grande cayman oceanfront room

You’ll Want to Linger Longer at Grande Cayman Resort

If your intention is a fun-filled getaway with options for serenity, you’ve come to the right place. Grande Cayman is a lovely place to stay, with clean rooms, many pools, and incredible ocean access. That means a fantastic view, too!

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