Your 2023 Bucket List for Myrtle Beach

Your vision of a bucket list might include things like skydiving and riding a mechanical bull.


It doesn’t have to be so extreme! There are ways to do this that don’t involve physical danger. The most fun ways involve places you love to visit — such as the Grand Strand.


Pack your bags (and your yoga mat) for a bucket-list holiday.

Why Even Have a Bucket List?

Whether it’s to enter a hotdog eating contest or sculpt your bust out of chocolate, bucket lists are worthwhile. Here’s what they bring:

  • Excitement. To-do list? Out. Bucket lists? In. Instead of thinking about tomorrow’s work, plan a dream vacation.
  • Goals. Personal goals (78.3%) are No. 1 on most lists. Milestones (51%) are next. And 16.7% of people list quality time with family and friends.
  • Possibilities. Once you achieve a bucket-list item, it can lead to other desires. Finishing school, for instance, can change your life.

Choose This 2023 Bucket List for Myrtle Beach

With a bucket list, everything is on the table. Start with these five.

1. Take a Seven-Day Vacation

Whether you’re an engineer, farm worker, salesperson, or stay-at-home parent, you deserve a break. Stepping away from the pressures of daily life can boost your physical and mental health. A vacation can refresh you.


TRY THIS: Check out the Countdown to New Year’s sale currently running at Grande Cayman Resort. Write down the dates in your calendar in ink!

2. Go Fishing

Looking for an activity that will register low stress while you’re doing it? Fishing is your answer. This popular sport involves exercise and stress relief. It’s a nice social outing, or perfect for the solo fisherman.


TRY THIS: Head to Apache Pier. Bring your own gear or rent it. It’s taken a hit from the 2022 hurricanes but is one of the area’s top spots to cast a line.

3. A Trip to One of the Two State Parks in the Area

Drink in the benefits of the great outdoors on your beach vacation. A quick park visit is healthy for many things, including blood pressure, circulation, heart health, and more. A nature walk will help boost your immune response.


TRY THIS: Visit the wetlands wildlife and the Atalaya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park. Or head to Myrtle Beach State Park for a trek on the Sculptured Oak Nature Trail and a stop at the nature center. (Better yet: See both parks.)

4. Practice Yoga on the Beach

Breathing with intention is a whole new ballgame. Doing so in the sea air is next level. The body can soak up oxygen easier with negative ions in the ocean air. That can increase serotonin, which leads to happiness and relaxation.


TRY THIS: Consider Ocean YOGA With Kseniia. They cater to experienced yogis and beginners. Practice yoga on the sand or at the oceanview studio.

5. Try a Newly-Opened Restaurant

Many travelers have found a place they feel they belong in Myrtle Beach. Imagine finding a second place with a similar vibe. This city has a burgeoning restaurant scene that is expanding in its choice of cuisine. Try something new!


TRY THIS: Popular sports-bar chain Twin Peaks has arrived in Myrtle Beach. You’ll find friendly service, hot Nashville chicken, and the coldest beer around.

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At Grande Cayman Resort, We Admire Bucket Listers

A ton of props to you, bucket lister, for living life to the fullest. Come check off your list in an excellent location, with Due South restaurant on-site to start your day in delicious style. You’ll love this place.

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