The Top Five Waterslides in Myrtle Beach

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So many waterparks, so little time.

The Grand Strand is loaded with water-themed amusement parks, from the familiar classics like Myrtle Waves and Wild Water and Wheels to several newcomers to the scene, such as Splashes Water Park at Family Kingdom. In fact, several resorts have recently opened their own on-site water parks so guests don’t even have to leave the property to experience the thrills and chills of an aquatic roller coaster.

It’s nearly impossible to ride all the waterslides in Myrtle Beach in one week, but it would be fun to try. So here’s the next best thing: a list of the top five waterslides on the Grand Strand. Hit these and you get a gold star for bravery and a lot of good summer memories to take home:

* Arooba Tooba: One of the award-winners is located at Myrtle Waves Waterpark. Operating under the same principles as a giant toilet bowl, guests are swirled around and around and eventually flushed down the enclosed flume.

* Dark Hole: The name says it all at this Wild Water & Wheels tube slide, which Southern Living Magazine called the “best scary ride” in Myrtle Beach. This enclosed ride takes guests on a hair-raising ride. The tubes allow for more than one passenger so you can ride along with a friend.

* Riptide Rocket: If you have the need for flat-out speed and a lightning-fast splash through the water, this is your slide. The 350-foot track covers 1,300 linear feet, which equals one heck of a steep drop-off. Seconds after experiencing near-freefall, you are hurled into the pool like a torpedo.

* Turbo Twister: Myrtle Waves boasts the world’s tallest tubular slide, a full 10 story climb to the top of the tower. But the fun is worth the hike for this twisting maze of pipework. The ride to the bottom seems to take forever before the enclosed track ends with a final splashdown.

* Water Flumes: Located at Family Kingdom’s new Splashes Water Park, these twin, twisting flumes also offer the best view of the Atlantic Ocean more than 100 feet below. Reach top speeds and make spine-tingling spins while riding down and around to the final splashdown.