The 5 Tastiest Burgers in Myrtle Beach

Burgers are an American treasure.


That’s no exaggeration. They’re tasty and customizable. Low-cost and easy to eat. Who knew a patty on a bun could be such magic? It’s cool when restaurants serve the classic burger. It’s even cooler when a place puts their special touch on a signature burger.


Myrtle Beach has its share of bodacious burgers — so much so that it’s tough to pick the best five on the beach.


We’ve given it a try anyway. We considered all sorts of places. Chains, regional stores, and one-of-a-kind establishments. The main criteria: That they be memorable and delicious. Let us know in comments where else you’ve found awesome hamburgers.

Cheeseburger and fries

Here are the 5 Tastiest Burgers in Myrtle Beach

The Art Burger, Art Burger Sushi Bar

This is the spot for gourmet burgers and awesome beach views. Art’s uses local beef, sliced bacon, marinated red onion, blue cheese sauce, and walnut chutney. Pair it with seasoned cajun fries, but ask for sriracha aioli on the side. You’ll thank us later!

Burger and Fries with Ocean in Background

Big Britches Burger, Due South at 72nd

This bad boy is a beautiful blend of short rib and ground beef topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato. It’s served on a beer stout bun, a trendy choice. Make it southern with optional pimento cheese. Pair it with loaded mashed potatoes.

Philly Cheeseburger, River City Cafe

Burgers here are fresh, never frozen, big, and juicy. The Philly is two fabulous sandwiches melded into one. It comes with shaved ribeye, green peppers, melted provolone, fried onion rings, chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato. Pair with sweet potato waffle fries or onion rings.

Up close on a loaded cheeseburger

The Fiesta, Wahlburgers

The spice is nice. The Fiesta comes with two patties dusted with a housemade southwestern spice rub. It comes with chipotle mayo, fresh jalapenos, housemade smoked pepper salsa, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, and pickles. Pair it with an order of truffle fries.

Hamburger, Burky’s Grill

It doesn’t have a cute name, but it’s a classic. Burky’s burgers don’t need a lot of fancy fixings. This place is a throwback to the 50s, and their signature burger, all the way, is incredible. Make yours a double — you can’t have too much of a great thing! Pair it with cheddar fries.

Basic Cheeseburger up close

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