Ranking Myrtle Beach’s Best Rooftop Bars

What sets a rooftop bar apart from the rest is tough to explain.


But you know it when you see it and feel it. It’s a place where you can unwind with a cold beverage, a great view — and awesome appetizers sure don’t hurt. Myrtle Beach has a wealth of such joints, but a few stand above the rest.


First, though, are some fun facts about rooftop bars.

Interesting Facts About Rooftop Bars

If rooftop bars are your jam, you’ll appreciate these nuggets of info.

  1. They’re new

In the 1880s, rooftops began to host grand theater gardens. Thousands of fun-seekers headed to the roof for wild nights under the city sky.

  1. The biggest one is in Chicago

It’s the Offshore Rooftop & Bar at Chicago’s Navy Pier. It opened in June 2019, and is 52,310 square feet!

  1. The highest one is in Hong Kong

It’s Ozone at The Ritz Carlton, and the city view is incredible. The bar is on the 118th floor, 1,574.8 feet off the ground.

5 Grand Strand Rooftop Bars That Excel at Good Times

These Myrtle Beach joints are radical in all the right ways.

1. RipTydz Oceanfront Grille & Rooftop Bar

Those with a preoccupation for fun in the sun on the roof will love it here. RipTydz Oceanfront Grille & Rooftop Bar has had stilt walkers among the entertainment. That’s next-level. There are 500 seats in this 17,000-square-foot behemoth of good times.




Start off with Shrimp Cocktail, a Crab & Lobster Steamer, or build your own mac and cheese! A Hawaii 5-0 teriyaki grilled chicken breast Sunburn Sammie might be what you need, too.


2. LandShark Bar & Grill - Myrtle Beach

There’s always fun at LandShark Bar & Grill, a casual chain with American food and tropical drinks. Drop by for a bite and drink before or after your SkyWheel ride at a place that matches the happy boardwalk vibe. It’s also a great place for a group event while you’re in town.




Get the Bacon & Cheese Loaded Fries, Chicken Caesar Salad, or Hand-Battered Chicken Tenders. The License to Chill Margarita is tops, as is the Stranded On a Sandbar. You also can’t go wrong with the Don’t Stop the Carnival frozen concoction.

3. Soho Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar

There’s no shame in trying all five of these places, especially if one is this place. At Soho Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar, you’ll find fascinating fusion fare. An example: Filet Mignon with fried rice on the side. Few places can pull off serving pasta, seafood, steak, and sushi the way Soho can.




How about Sauteed Mussels, Sushi Bar Special Salad, and Salmon Skewers to share? For entrees, Lo Mein, New York Strip, and Chicken Parmesan lead the way. (As does the Grilled Salmon!)


4. Banditos Cantina

Head to the tower of fun at Banditos Cantina, a great little laid-back Mexican joint. Seating arrangements maximize views, and the Taco Salad is both light and fulfilling. There are also upscale fare and tequila selections you won’t find in many other places.




The Queso Dip is outstanding! As is the Heirloom and Avocado Salad, and the Cheeseburger. Try the Black Diamante Margarita, Peach Bulleit Mule, and Resposado tequila flight.

5. Tin Roof

This dazzling oceanfront restaurant serves Southern pub food, with live music. The great drinks, fantastic views, and efficient staff live up to the hype at Tin Roof. This place has a full event calendar, too, so check it out.




So much to choose from, but we dig the Pulled Pork Tacos, Loaded Tots, and Street Corn Quesadillas. Lynchburg Lemonade is a Tin Roof favorite.

tin roof

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