Myrtle Beach Turns Up the Spookiness with Haunted Houses, Ghost Tours

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The arrival of autumn brings a slight chill to the air in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and it's a sensation that will eventually find its way down your spine with the approach of Halloween. The spookiest holiday of the year prompts the opening of several haunted houses, ghost tours and other seasonal attractions on the Grand Strand, and guests at Long Bay Resort can experience all the scary festivities for themselves by visiting these popular Halloween-themed venues this fall:

* Dr. Screams: This Broadway at the Beach-area haunted house has become so popular that organizers were forced to open a second venue at The House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach. That's good news for guests at Long Bay Resort, who are approximately midway between both Dr. Screams locations. The Broadway at the Beach venue has moved into the old Big D Theater, providing enough space for three haunted themes in one – Fright Manor, Zombie Apocalypse and Chuckles the Clown's Twisted Circus. 

* Ghost Walk: Visit the historic city of Conway, about 15 miles inland from Myrtle Beach, for a truly spooky tour of the county seat. Patrons meet in the downtown area and stroll through the streets to learn about some of the scarier moments in Conway’s history, most of them legends and folklore that have been shared by city residents over the years. The tour guides also have a few tricks up their sleeves to add to the experience. While you are in town, be sure to visit the Riverwalk and other popular venues.

* Nightmare Haunted House: This fixture in the heart of the downtown district opened back in the 1980s and continues to frighten visitors and locals alike with ever-changing themes and scary characters. The 2017 featured show is “Zombie Zone: Undead Adventure” – a high-tech attraction that takes patrons on a tour of a cryogenics lab filled with preserved bodies. An electrical glitch kills the lights and unleashes the monsters in a spine-tingling tour gone horribly wrong.

* Outbreak: This zombie-themed thriller is located near Broadway at the Beach inside the Hollywood Wax Museum, and it's hard to miss. It's the one shaped like the Empire State Building with King Kong climbing the makeshift skyscraper. Although the main attraction is more quirky than scary with wax figures of movie stars and other celebrities, Outbreak offers patrons the chance to experience a realistic zombie invasion with high-tech special effects.

* Ripley's Haunted Adventure: Located in Myrtle Beach's downtown district, Ripley's Haunted Adventure has undergone recent changes to make the transformation from a traditional haunted house to a more modern facility that blends the fun of laser tag with the fear factor of zombies. Patrons are given laser guns to help fight the frightening creatures that creep and crawl around, hoping to find some fresh human flesh. Zap them before they get you, or end up lunch.

* Terror Under the Bridge: Entering its 12th season, Terror Under the Bridge has moved from its original location under the Highway 501 bridge to the nearby X Gym. The haunted warehouse invites thrill-seekers to walk through a dark maze where monsters pop up from the ground or around hidden corners to the sounds of screams and spooky sound effects. Visitors also get to pose for a scary photo at the end of their tour … if they make it out alive.

After a frightening night on the town, head back to Long Bay Resort for a stay that is anything but scary. Featuring clean, comfortable accommodations overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and a wealth of amenities that include indoor and outdoor pool decks, rooftop putt-putt golf, and excellent restaurants and bars, Long Bay Resort is the perfect place to stay for relaxation and fun during your fall getaway

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