HOLIDAY: It’s National Bikini Day, July 5

It’s reasonable to expect that July 5 in Myrtle Beach will be a spectacular day for bikinis. National Bikini Day is the day after Independence Day, and it’s time to finally show off that summer bod and 2023 fashion on the Grand Strand.


If you’re coming to Myrtle Beach for it (and why wouldn’t you be?), here’s all you need to know. Pack your favorite two-piece or treat yourself to the latest one when you arrive!




The bikini gets its name from Bikini Atoll, in the Marshall Islands of the Pacific Ocean. French automotive engineer Louis Reard invented this skimpy bathing suit, and chose the name four days after the U.S. conducted a hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll.

Where to Buy a Bikini in Myrtle Beach

There are places on the Grand Strand where you can buy a summer gem you’ll sport on the beach. Here’s where to shop.

Wings Beachwear

We estimate the average beach-goer has a 97% chance of winding up in this store anyway! Wings Beachwear is the consummate beach shop, and you can find awesome deals on your next bikini. Rack up on clothing, gear, and souvenirs, plus essentials such as sunscreen.

Bargain Beachwear B9

It’s not easy to describe the vast choices you’ll find here in one paragraph! Bargain Beachwear B9 has a friendly staff, a wide selection, and competitive prices. Pick up beach and pool gear, sunglasses, and more from fun brands.


Choose a fashionable two-piece at this chain boutique that features activewear and intimates. The knowledgeable staff can help you find the ideal fit bikini — at a reasonable price. You’ll feel happy when you leave.



Bikinis don’t just look good, they’re comfortable. Without all those straps or fasteners, they are easier to adjust to fit your body. They allow freedom of movement, which helps when playing beach volleyball, swimming, or surfing.

Tips for Picking a Bikini

Choosing the right bikini can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some things to remember when buying yours.


Buy it in-store

You’ll need the right fit to evoke the glow and confidence you want on the beach. It’s not easy to get that if you buy bikinis online. Shop in-store if possible to try several styles and get the correct fit.


Consider the colors

Black is usually flattering, but it’s also a good basic color. Blue bikinis can add pop, especially dark blue, which looks amazing on all skin tones. A navy bikini can be an ideal first step into something bolder.


Know your measurements

For your bust, measure around the fullest part, with the tape measure level with the floor. For your hips, measure the fullest part, around the top of your buttocks. And for the waist, check your narrowest part, usually right above your navel.



Grande Cayman Oceanfront 2 Queen Bedroom

Fun Beyond Belief: Grande Cayman Resort

The location is perfect, the amenities are awesome, and the staff is friendly. Grande Cayman Resort has it all, including dining options and an on-site Starbucks. There’s always a great deal to save on accommodations, too.

Outdoor pool at Grande Cayman Resort in Myrtle Beach