Dive Into One of These Riveting Fall Reads During Your Next Grand Strand Escape

For book-loving beachgoers, few settings are better for diving into a good read than in the oceanside sands, where you can take in the soothing sounds of the crashing waves as you follow the narrative in your novel of choice. And in the fall, some books are simply more fitting for the season than others.


Ready to soak in some seaside relaxation while enjoying some seasonally appropriate prose this fall on the Grand Strand? Here at Grande Cayman Resort on the Myrtle Beach oceanfront, we’re huge fans of reading along the shoreline, too … and there happens to be an amazing one in our backyard.


Check out our fall 2023 book list — which is loaded with books boasting autumn vibes that are perfect for September, October and November reading:

1. Daisy Darker

In this novel by New York Times best-selling author Alice Feeney, readers are invited to follow along as a murder mystery unravels in the wake of a dysfunctional family’s long-delayed reunion on a tiny tidal island — and a few unexpected plot twists deepen the drama.

2. Little Eve

This award-winning horror novel from Catriona Ward tells the suspenseful story of a clan off the coast of Scotland with plans to usher in the apocalypse … and inherit remarkable powers in the world’s rebirth. But when an inspector shows up to investigate a murder on the island, the plans are thwarted and a reckoning becomes due.

3. Old Country

 In this twisted horror novel by Matt Query and Harrison Query, a couple’s dream move to rural Idaho to escape a hectic life in the city starts out just as they’d always hoped, with the couple reveling in their newfound seclusion and peaceful existence. But when a sinister spirit that haunts their valley comes visiting — and grows stronger with each passing season — their long-sought-after solitude is transformed into a bone-chilling curse.

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4. The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

IIn this uplifting and magic-filled story told by novelist Sangu Mandanna, a lonely witch finds a fitting home, a unique new family — and love — when she takes on a job tutoring a trio of young, orphaned witches who need help learning how to control their magical powers.

5. The Night Shift

This page-turning suspense novel by Alex Finlay delivers a heavy dose of ’90s nostalgia as it sees authorities trying to solve a pair of triple murders separated by 15 years in a suburban New Jersey town. Along the way, the thrilling mystery tale reveals how the lives of three people with diverse connections to the killings — a survivor, a suspect’s brother and an FBI agent trying to crack the cases — become intertwined in the murders’ aftermath.

6. Gallows Hill

In this haunting tale by Darcy Coates, leading character Margot Hull makes a return to her childhood home, an award-winning winery that has been in the family for generations, to bury her parents after more than a decade away. But she soon discovers that the deteriorating estate holds bloody family secrets — and that she could become the next victim of its curse.

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A Fall Destination Worth Writing Home About

Ready to find the perfect place to dive into your next fall read? Offering a wide range of comfortable accommodations and long list of on-site amenities — including 10-plus pools and a beautiful stretch of backyard beach, all perfect waterfront settings for getting lost in a good book — Grande Cayman Resort on the Myrtle Beach oceanfront makes it easy to enjoy your coastal escape

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