How to Pack for a Day at the Beach

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You’ve stuffed suitcases for every member of the family, you packed snacks, you’ve made it across highways and byways and got checked in at Long Bay Resort, parked, and now it’s time to head to the beach.

Have you ever found yourself finally ready to hit the Myrtle Beach sand and realized you forgot one key beach item? It can be more than a little frustrating. But this is a vacation. It’s supposed to be a break from stress!

To help you cut the stress, we’ve come up with this list of items to pack for a day at the beach. Scan through it as you’re packing, and get ready to say goodbye to stress.

1. Beach bag
You simply can’t forget a good beach bag; it’s the only way to keep all your beach necessities in one place. Seek balance though. The bigger the beach bag, the more room to pack your must-haves—but don’t go so large the whole family thinks you can carry all of their items, too! Extras for the beach bag: Sunscreen; zipper baggies (for phones, cameras, etc.); and wet wipes.

2. Towel
Even if you plan on not getting in the water, you will be sorry you didn’t bring a beach towel. You can sit on your towel for more comfort … and really, you have to at least get your toes in the ocean!

3. Umbrella
It’s always a good idea to bring some shade with you. Sometimes the sun can get a little overwhelming and bright on the beach and if you bring an umbrella for shade you will be able to enjoy the beach longer. If you don’t feel like carrying your umbrella, remember you can rent umbrellas and chairs from Myrtle Beach lifeguards.

4. Water and snacks
Stay hydrated while on the beach and bring lots of water. Snacks are also good so you don’t have to leave your perfect spot to get something to eat. Smart choices: mixed nuts; jerky; dried fruit; and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

5. Sunglasses and hat
Hats will also provide shade and a chance to stay on the cool side. Sunglasses will help you to see all that’s going on and enjoy the view.

6. Beach games, music, etc
Bring things to keep you satisfied at the beach. Get a volleyball for a fun beach game. Grab your favorite book on the way out the door, and your iPod or phone to listen to while relaxing near the water.

7. Waterproof camera
If you bring a waterproof camera, you can take pictures and not worry about getting your camera (or phone if that’s your primary camera) wet, sandy and just plain ruined.

Keep this checklist handy next time you’re planning a day on the beach—remember, the beach is right in our backyard here at Long Bay Resort.

Posted 6/15/13

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