Guide to Safe Swimming in Myrtle Beach

Your summer checklist isn’t complete without one key element: an awareness of water safety.


Before you pack the goggles, sunscreen, and flippers, be sure your family knows it. Water safety skills can help reduce drowning risk and give them life-saving tools. As parents, we must model water safety guidelines 100% to reinforce their importance.


Here’s a quick guide to water safety and how you can apply it for your next visit to Myrtle Beach.


Buddies and Life Vests

Swim only where lifeguards or water watchers can see you. Life jackets are essential and are designed for factors such as:

  • Size
  • Water activity
  • Weight

Swim sober, and never play breath-holding games.


DIVING IN: Head-first entry is for safe diving areas only. Avoid drains and openings that cause suction and could trap you.

  • Always supervise young children near water and teach them to ask permission to go any closer.
  • Teach children to swim, preferably through swim lessons, when they are ready.
Little Girl in Floatie in Pool


Go the Right Direction

Ride water slides sitting or laying down, feet first only. Going headfirst puts the rider at risk for head and spine injuries from hitting the pool bottom or walls. Any riding on one’s stomach is an unnecessary risk.


READ THE RULES: Heed size and weight restrictions posted. Riders below the threshold risk being thrown from the slide. Those above it could get stuck or move at unsafe speeds.


  • One rider at a time (no chains or trains) and give at least 6 seconds between riders to avoid collisions at the bottom.
  • Teach kids not to drink the pool water, and to spit out chewing gum before entering the pool area.
Grande Cayman waterslide


Swim in Calm Waters

Moving water, waves, and rip currents can carry you into dangerous conditions. Know your fitness and swimming capabilities, and respect the ocean’s power and unpredictability. Abide by rules and don’t venture out beyond safety buoys. 


UNDERSTAND RIP CURRENTS: They pull away from the shore into the open ocean and are strong. Don’t fight against one. Instead, swim parallel to the shore if you’re caught in one until you’re out of it, then head for the shore.

  • If you see someone stuck in a rip current, throw them a floatable device. Yell instructions to them for swimming parallel to the shore. Don’t attempt a rescue unless you’re trained.
  • Get out of the ocean if it begins to rain, something feels off, you have cramps, or feel fatigued — trust your instincts.
Kids Playing On Beach
Grande Cayman Outdoor Pool

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