Fresh Market Brings the Farm and Garden to Myrtle Beach

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It's easy to let your dietary guard down during vacation, especially to Myrtle Beach. With the temptation to stock up on treats and sweets for the hotel room and to grab a quick burger and fries at the beachfront grill, you can easily pack on a few pounds if you're not careful. That's why one short trip to The Fresh Market is in order.

Located just a few blocks from Long Bay Resort in the historic Dunes section of Myrtle Beach, The Fresh Market is the first of its kind on the Grand Strand and has been creating quite a stir among the local culinary community. This small regional chain was born and based in the Carolinas, so The Fresh Market may be unfamiliar to many.

The Fresh Market offers a new concept in grocery stores that is actually a very old one. Designed to bring back the classic community farmers' market and provide fresh meat, produce, baked goods and gourmet dishes to the masses, this unique market puts a new twist on grocery shopping that is at the forefront of the healthy eating trend.

In a word, “fresh” is the name of the game. Featuring a wide range of produce from local farms, in-house meats that are cut and prepared daily, a bakery serving up hot breads and desserts and a deli counter that goes well beyond the usual lineup, The Fresh Market is like a grocery store the way a luxury cruise liner is like a canoe.

Entering the store through the retractable door is like opening a window to your senses. Soft classical music plays over the sound system, an array of vibrant colors confront you in the produce section and a hot sample cup of pumpkin-spiced apple cider or some similar tasty concoction greet you to a new experience in grocery shopping.

Also warm and welcoming is the staff members, who are trained to be helpful and knowledgeable about every corner of the store. The employees at the deli counter are also food prep specialists who have a hand in making as well as serving the creative dishes on display. Sample house-made cheeses, salads and dips, as well as ready to serve entrees.

Make your way to the meat counter for some of the freshest and delectable steaks, chops and chicken you can find. From thick-cut filets of beef to in-house ground chuck, you can see the difference between the pre-packaged meats you may be accustomed to buying. And you can order any weight and size you want instead of the store deciding for you.

The bakery goes far beyond what you are used to at a warehouse-type grocery store. A wide selection of cakes, cookies and fancy desserts, along with fresh-baked breads of all kinds are available. Special orders are taken and turned around in short order and to your specifications, so it's easy to celebrate a birthday or special occasion.

Fresh-ground exotic coffees, hard-to-find products, special foods for those with dietary restrictions and a wide selection of wines are among the many goods and services available. Once you make it to check out, don't be surprised when the check-out person steps out into the aisles to greet you and help you unload your basket. It's all part of The Fresh Market experience.

The Fresh Market in Myrtle Beach is located at the Northwood Plaza shopping center at 7747 North Kings Highway. The store is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and offers delivery service by calling 843-945-4652 or by visiting the website.


(Posted: 10/20/14)

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