Don't Forget These 10 Things When Planning A Myrtle Beach Trip

A planned beach trip is something to get stoked about.


Especially if you didn’t get to Myrtle Beach last summer, you’re ready to go. There are a few essentials you should remember as you plan your getaway. Doing so will save you some time and money.


We look forward to seeing you soon on the Grand Strand.

Why is it important to plan a beach trip?

Although a spontaneous trip can be a blast, you can still have fun in the sun with a game plan in place. Determine your budget, length of stay, and the type of accommodations that work best for you first. You can still schedule free time to roam and discover.

Myrtle Beach Coastline from Drone

10 Things to Remember When You Plan A Beach Trip

1. Pack Lightly

For a summer trip, you won’t likely have many bulky clothes. Choose casual outfits you can mix and match, with sensible shoes or sandals (you might get in lots of steps!) Pack one nicer outfit in case you want to dine here, here, or here.

Vacation Packing

2. Stock Up on Sunscreen

Nothing ruins a fun trip faster than a sunburn on Day 1 to keep you inside the rest of the vacation. It’s no secret how important it is to protect your skin from the sun, so buy a bunch before you go. Supply and demand on the coast for it might drive prices up a bit.

Woman Applying Sunscreen

3. Prep Your Car

A routine check of fluids and tires is essential, but also keep in mind the inside of the car. Seat covers can protect your car from sand and water, and you can take them off if they get dirty. A backseat organizer keeps books, snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, and more, easy to manage.

Packing a Car

4. Ready a Beach Bag

Who wants to scramble looking for that Bluetooth speaker or umbrella when you get to the beach? Or having to come back to the car or resort to fetch them? Put your beach blankets, towels, toys, and safety devices in a beach bag before you go. 

Beach Bag

5. Stow Essentials

Better to bring with you than to stop and buy things you’ll need, depending on your agenda. Pack quarters for parking meters, bug repellant, a good beach read, floaties, and more.

Family Boogie Boarding

6. Check the Local Forecast

Even a rainy day in Myrtle Beach is a great day, but not when it’s a surprise. If there is rain in the forecast, pack whatever you need when you’re at home — raincoats, umbrellas. Even summer nights can get chilly, so bring a hoodie for everyone.

Weather Forecast

7. Collect Some Backup Essentials

Sometimes, essential things get lost or broken. Phone chargers stop working. Swimsuits blow off the balcony while you’re drying them. Pack an extra of a few of these types of things.

Woman Packing a Suitcase

8. Prepare To Be Thirsty

When you’re out, especially in the sun, pack an insulated cooler with water bottles. Grab one of those 24-pack waters to keep in the trunk, and stash as many as you can in the resort refrigerator. Juice boxes and soda are good, but caffeinated pop can dehydrate you.

Group on the Beach with a Cooler

9. Research

Are you headed to the Grand Strand for excitement or relaxation? Is it a solo trip, you and your significant other, friends, or the whole family? Know where the spots are that fit your agenda, for entertainment, dining, shopping, and more.

Broadway at the Beach Margaritaville

10. Bring Odds and Ends for Odds and Ends

A box of self-sealing bags is perfect for leftovers, seashells, jewelry, snacks, and more. A pack of baby wipes, even if you have no babies, works for quick refreshes and other needs. And a container of disinfectant wipes comes to the rescue for sanitary reasons.


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