8 Beach-Visit Hacks Every Parent Should Know

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Parents — and especially parents of the youngest of children — know that traveling with little ones can require extra effort and extra gear. And there are few situations where this proves more true than when headed to the beach, where extra destination-specific gear is needed even when the kids aren’t in tow.

But fear not, parents — there are steps you can take to ease the outing. Next time you’re looking to sink your toes into the sand in the Myrtle Beach area with your little ones joining the fun, consider these eight beach hacks that will make your time in the sun a little easier:

Bring along some baby powder — Just like when it’s applied to a baby’s bottom, baby powder absorbs moisture — which is what makes sand stick to hands and feet. Rub a bit onto your kids’ hands and feet as a pre-emptive strike before they hit the beach, and shaking off the sand before eating or putting the flip-flops back on is that much easier.

Stash the valuables in a diaper — Ever worry about your wallet or phone getting stolen while you’re splashing around in the surf? For parents of young kids who likely have diapers packed in the beach bag anyway, one smart solution is already at hand. Tuck any possessions you want to keep hidden into an unused diaper, wrap it up and toss it in the beach bag, and voila — the chances that any passersby will make a grab for the gear within will drop substantially.

Spread out a fitted sheet — Tired of your beach blankets getting covered with kicked sand? For a simple solution, bring along a fitted sheet, then spread it out and pin all the corners down with coolers, bags, etc. Once you raise the sheet’s elastic edges up a bit onto the sides of your “anchors” and lay down in the middle (or put your kid in it as an off-the-sand play area), you’ll have a shielding sand barrier surrounding you (or your child) on all sides.

Embrace the swim shirt — You’ll still want to slather on the sunscreen regularly, but when your kid is wearing a fast-drying, sun-blocking surfer-type shirt, there’s a lot less area you’ll have to protect from the rays and cover with the lotion.

Hit the beach early, or late — To avoid the heaviest crowds and the most intense sunlight, head to the shoreline during the early morning hours and plan to head home at lunch, or go in the late afternoon and stay until the sun sets.

Carry the sand toys in a laundry bag — Grab a mesh laundry bag at the dollar store before your trip. It’s perfect for hauling the sand toys, because when you get back from the beach, one easy rinse under the hose or faucet will wash all the sand right away.

Freeze water bottles ahead of time — Put some sealed water bottles in the freezer the night before your beach trip, then use them as your ice packs in your beach cooler. You’ll save space in the cooler by eliminating the ice packs, plus have super-chilled water to drink as the ice melts.

Chill the sunscreen — If you keep the sunscreen in the cooler, it’ll serve as a welcome cool-off when you apply it to your kid’s (or your own) skin.

After an exciting day out on the Grand Strand with the entire family, head back to Grande Cayman Resort on the Myrtle Beach — and get ready for an amazing time on the Grand Strand that vacationers both young and old can enjoy.

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