5 Myrtle Beach Travel Mistakes to Avoid (And Their Solutions)

Travel has some incredible perks, which is why we can’t wait for our next getaway.
But in our haste to escape, we sometimes leave things uncovered or unaccounted for. We’ve identified common slips travelers often make, but also offer solutions. Use this post as a checklist for averting at least a few pitfalls of planning your travel. Here’s to smooth, happy travels to the Grand Strand.

5 Mistakes We Make When We Travel (And Solutions for Each)

To point out problems but offer no answers for them is just complaining, right?

1. Overpacking

Who wants to drag around a suitcase the size of a rhino for a beach getaway? The more you pack, the more you have to carry, and the more you could potentially leave behind by accident.

THE SOLUTION: Pack light. Use the smallest bag possible (start with the carry-on size and upgrade only if necessary.) Go for a neutral, versatile wardrobe to mix and match. A separate outfit for every occasion takes up tons of space.

2. Overscheduling

You can do just about anything in Myrtle Beach, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING in Myrtle Beach. A packed schedule is prone to chaos from the unexpected.

THE SOLUTION: List all you want to do on the Grand Strand, then cut it in half. Factor in extra time for travel, extra expenses, extra wait time. Throw in some unscheduled time on your schedule for relaxation and discovery.

Family packing luggage

3. Not Keeping Track of Reservation Details

Juggling printouts at check-in or being unclear on reservation details adds anxious moments. From boarding passes to hotel accommodations, print-outs are a thing of the past.

THE SOLUTION: Keep track of reservations electronically. Star emails for easy access or with an app designed to corral and organize such information. Check restaurant websites to see if you can reserve a table rather than show up and hope there’s room.

hotel check-in desk

4. Not Securing Valuables

First, don’t bring bling you don’t need — the less flashy stuff you have with you, the less you have to worry about. When stopping for gas or dinner, you don’t want to have your wallet and purse or high-value items on full display.

THE SOLUTION: Leave these things at home:
● Expensive jewelry
● Non-essential electronics
● Seldom-used credit cards
● Wads of cash

Bring only what you need on day excursions, such as minimal cash and one credit or debit card.
Lock the rest up in your resort — in the safe, even.

grande cayman oceanfront condo

5. Booking the Lowest-Price Room Available

Don’t assume the lowest price is the best value. Some hotels can offer a dirt-cheap price because the amenities are also dirt-cheap.

THE SOLUTION: Book a stay at Grande Cayman resort. You’ll find a clean, comfortable room and attentive staff. You’ll find a nice pool area with easy access to the beach. Check out Grande Cayman’s vacation planner online and
book a stay today.book a stay today.

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