10 Instagrammable Places to Visit on the Grand Strand

Sometimes, we need time to sit and reflect on how awesome it is to be in a place like Myrtle Beach.


Other times, you need a great Instagram post! (Or, let’s face it, a new profile pic.) There are plenty of like-worthy places to hit on the Grand Strand. We thought we’d share a few of our faves.


No matter what you’re hashtagging it, you’re sure to wow your followers when you post from these spots.

Tips for Instagram Selfies

  • Lighting is king, and natural light is a godsend. Golden hour — that time after sunrise and before sunset — is idyllic, wherever you are. Face toward the light to avoid shadows on your face.
  • Tilt your head either way and up and down. See which side feels best, which angle captures your essence, and let it be yours.
  • Have fun. Selfies shouldn’t have a ton of rules! If it makes you smile, do it, and post it.

Instagram Hot Spots in Myrtle Beach

1. Hollywood Wax Museum

Mix it up with your favorite stars (well, the lifelike wax versions of them, at least!) Plus, where else can you click with a zombie?


Try this: Get a shot outside with King Kong in the background.



hollywood wax museum

2. Myrtle Beach Welcome Sign

Let ‘em know where you are and let the jealous feelings begin. You can find one at S.C. Business 17 and at the S.C. By-pass 17 split.


Try this: Take one each time you visit the Grand Strand, and after a few visits, post them all together.

3. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

You can’t go wrong with a pic below SkyWheel (or on it!) The lines of the boardwalk are awesome. Especially if you take a shot with the flag-lined street behind you.


Try this: Time a shot at night with the lights behind you.




4. Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet

A wide-open beach with a Carolina blue sky will create an incredible background. Atalaya provides countless opportunities for unique photos in a one-of-a-kind coastal castle.


Try this: Sunset on the marsh is something special … take advantage of a reflective selfie.



5. Broadway at the Beach

The lake at sunset is prime, but there are so many other spots in this fun shopping complex, too. Go for one in front of that neon Hard Rock Cafe sign!


Try this: Get in front of WonderWorks upside-down building and have fun with it.




Broadway at the Beach Margaritaville

6. The Bowery

It’s a historic site on the music scene, as the spot legendary Alabama got its start. That iconic storefront with the flags is a great backdrop.


Try this: Get to the stage before the entertainment begins and get a photo on or near the famous stage.



7. Pawley’s Island Hammocks

The hammock life is real, and Pawley’s Island is the epicenter. What could show how laidback your Grand Strand getaway better than a hammock shot?


Try this: Meander the grounds near the shop for tremendous scenery of live oaks and more.




8. Any of the Piers

Seven of the eight area piers are open, and even a land-borne shot with one behind you can be a winner. On the pier, a shot with the ocean behind you or of you with your fresh catch are both winners.


Try this: Go below the pier for a pic. The lines of the infrastructure create an incredible grid that mesmerizes.



9. Brookgreen Gardens

There’s such splendor here! Even the most plugged-in Instagrammer might forget to turn his or her camera inward! Incredible sculptures on site that would make beautiful co-subjects for your selfies.


Try this: Hit some of the popular spots used for wedding photos, such as along the path under majestic live oaks.



brookgreen gardens
Grande Cayman Oceanfront Suite 2 Queen Living Room

10. Grand Cayman Resort

Luxurious accommodations will make your followers wish they were there! Poolside with palm trees and sun is also representative of the beach vibe.


Try this: Take one on the balcony with ocean views behind you. It’ll make you dream of coming back as soon as you can.



Grande Cayman outdoor pool balcony
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